Just a girl working towards big things.

Hi! Welcome to the about me page of my website!

Website Background

While you are here, I want to share a little bit about this blog, and why I write it:

This website is a place for me to experiment with front end design and web development. New ideas, designs, and best practices. This entire website is public on github, and my contribution to the open source community. The other reason I write is to become a better writter. I am a Computer Engineer. Explaining things in a way computers can understand is easy for me. On the other hand, explaining things so that humans can understand is very difficult for me.

I make the source code and all blog posts public to force me to acknowledge my audience. I can not take short cuts, or let a typo slip through.

So thank you for being here. Thank you for keeping me accountable to struggle, learn, and grow!

About Me

Finding an identity and introducing yourself to an online community is something most people never saw coming. Yet here we are in the day and age where we all have Personal Brands and online reputations that can matter more than a real life reputation. Where you can learn any skill and become who you want behind a screen.

So, here goes --


I am JoCee Holladay, a computer Engineer who graduated from the University of Utah. I have dabbled in other fields from

I am currently enjoying my roll as Lead Integration Engineer at SimpleCitizen. I manage a team of 3 Engineers and we build intergrate with other APIs plus create and support external RESTful & GraphQL APIs.


I have always loved reading nonfiction books, not like self help or "I can teach you to get rich" books, but rather books diving into the technical details of topics. I want to learn why the sun shines at the temperature it does. How the universe is going to end. Why are there so many species of crabs.

As I was reading these books, I noticed 2 things:

  1. Despite others being interested in these kinds of books, there wasn't a community for us.
  2. There were VERY few nonfiction stem books written by women.

Which is why I decided to create my own bookclub, highlighting Women & diverse voice writing STEM themed nonfiction books.

Check out #theSTEMBookClub website or follow along on Instagram.

Personal Life + Plans

In my personal life, I recently adopted a kitten, who loves to walk all across my keyboard and chew through HDMI cabels.

My Goals in the next 5 years include

  • Studying more about the history of Women (in Science), and learning WHY women are underrepresented, and where/when it started.
  • Write a nonfiction book on a STEM topic.

That is me! I hope you enjoy this blog, and learn something interesting, or are atleast entertained for a second 🥰

JoCee Holladay