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Hi, I'm JoCee

I'm a computer engineer. I love technology, math, and puzzles. Seriously, I'm one of those people, I do a sudoku every. single. day. I also enjoy building web applications. Node.js, GraphQL, and React are my go-tos. I do have experience with Python (Django), .Net, Java, R, and a handful of other languages also! I also have a fondness for creating graphics in illustrator. If I weren't a computer scientist, I'd probably be a science educator, novelist, or graphic designer!!

“I learned to always take on things I'd never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.”

- Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

Commonly Asked Questions

Did you graduate college?

Yes! I have a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Utah. It took me a lengthy 6 years to graduate. The final 2 years of school, I dropped to part time, so that I could work as a software engineer full time.

How do you recommend learning to code?

I learned to code through attending a University! I recommend this experience to anyone, if you have the time and means. I also suggest checking out codecademy which has great free resources. My biggest recommendation is to just start a project. Build a personal website (like this one!), you will learn how a website works, what a client and server is, what a DNS is, and how to point it! There are plenty of tutorials online, and if you would like mine, check it out here.

What language do you use?

I get asked this question all the time. I use JavaScript (Node.js) for my personal projects, and Python (Django) at work. The greatest thing about learning to code, is that you don't learn just one language. You learn programming skills and concepts. These concepts are interchangeable to any lanuguage.

Featured posts

Tech Tutorial: Building a Website for Free (Yeah, Seriously)

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Using Github Pages, jekyll, and some computer knowledge. Build + host a website for free! Seriously. This tutorial is for the complete beginner. I will walk through what to download, and how to get setup. Then I will teach you the basics of hosting a website. Let's get your website up and running today!

15 Feminine Tech Posters

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In 1984 around 37% of people in tech were women! But in the past 25 years there has been a steady decrease of women to the current 25% we have today. So what changed? Marketing did. When computers were seen as a science and less secretary work, computer science was pushed and marketed towards men. This is a great thing, because we can change it back. These free posters are fun, tech, and super "girly", and marketed just for girls!

Comments- May we love them, May we Use them, May we write them.

technology blog

Let me convince you why everyone should write comments diligently. It is the best thing you can do for your team. Not because you need these comments, you wrote the code, why would you need comments right?!?! Even if you have an incredible memory and can remember every line of code you write, you should still write comments. Here is why....

Tech Cookie Cutters

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Check out these adorable 3d printed cookie cutters! We all know that computers (and humans) run better with cookies

My Desk Setup

The items I use to code every single day! I'm a fan of feminine, sophisticated tech products.