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Teaching elementary aged students technology

Posted by on March 16, 2020 · 2 mins read

Free Elementary Computer Lessons

My Teaching Background

My senior year of highschool, I opted to do an internship instead of taking classes. My internship was teaching 2nd grade. So instead of going to my highschool everyday, I instead went to an elementary school and taught a classroom of twenty-five 8 year olds. I. LOVED. IT. After the internship, I continued to be a substitute and guest teacher. In fact, I paid my way through my computer Engineering University degree by substitute teaching twice a week. I still substitute teach about twice a month. Whenever I get invited into a classroom I try to incorporate a small Tech/Computer lesson into the day.

Code is the language of the future. Even if you aren't interested in pursuing a career in computer programming, understanding how computers work is crucial to success. Technology will just continue to be more integrated into our lives and is becoming increasingly more important to understand.

I want to make sure all students get some coding and technology exposure. You'd be surprised how young children can pick up on how computers work. We shouldn't be saving this curiculum for highschool and college. We can teach teh basics of computers to students as young as 8. Trust me, I did it for a year!

My goal is to write a computer science curriculum for elementary aged children. I would called it Elementary Engineered. Until I have accomplished that, I want you to have all of the resources I have created. Let's integrate code and technology understanding into the lives of all children

Lesson Downloads

These lessons are intended for students of all ages. Click the lessons below to download.

Lessons are added weekly!

If you are a fellow educator, check out my TeachersPayTeachers Store. All resources are downloabled from there too.